The A-Z Of Me

Instead of writing a traditional 'About Me' section, I wanted to something different...So, I have chosen the 'A-Z' approach! For each letter, I will provide up to 3 words beginning with the specific letter. This will include names, items and whatever I can think of! Here goes... Ami, Amusements & Avengers I'm Ami, When I [...]

Why I Started My Blog

Sam Cleasby, who I interviewed in a previous post, inspired me to start my own blog. I was nervous at first because I've always been afraid to speak my mind infront of people so creating my own blog has helped me overcome that fear. In my blog I will talk about what it is like [...]

Meet My Lifelong Companions!

I would like to talk about my disabilities and conditions: Transverse Myelitis, Ataxia, Central Visiom Loss, Deaf/Possibility of APD, Raynaud's,possibility of Mitrochondrial, Depression and Anxiety in the hope to raise awareness, to inform those who do not know what they are, and to let others know, who are suffering the same as myself, that they [...]